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Punishment Policy

  1. Red Card – Careless and untidy work in academics leads to the award of a Red card, which has to be signed by the subject teacher on each day of the week during which the student is on the Red Card. if the progress during the week is satisfactory, the Red Card is discontinued.
  2. Yellow Card – Serious offences which reflect adversely on a student’s conduct eg. Breaking bounds, disobedience, telling lies, indicate the award of a yellow card which deprives the offender of availing of any privileges in the school for a week. A student awarded with yellow card has to wear yellow band(provided by the school) for the whole duration of his/her punishment. He/ She is not allowed to attend any program, picnics or outings or buy any sweets, drinks or ice-cream from the canteen while on a yellow card. The awards of three yellow cards in an academic year in quick succession may lead to the expulsion of the offender from the school on disciplinary grounds Forms of disciplinary measures: The following shall be the disciplinary measures which may be adopted by the school in dealing with all students.
  • Detention during the break 
  • Fine
  • Expulsion
  • Rustication